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dwello. it's pretty easy.

Just a few steps.

It's pretty simple to set up your dwello leases. Within a few days, whether you have one unit or a dozen, you can be up and running and processing all your rental payments with dwello.

Free for 3 Months! $350* after Happy!

A couple coffees a month. That's all it takes to process your monthly payments and protect yourself against NSFs, tenants forgetting to send you cheques, or driving around to the bank every month. Plus, try us absolutely risk-free for 3 months!

We take our fee from the amount we debit from your tenant and you'll receive the final total sent to you in an e-mail every month.

* - Per payment contract, per month, plus applicable taxes.

Bank Verification

In order to ensure that you and your tenant have access to your bank accounts, we use transaction verification, similar to services like PayPal.

We'll send two different amounts to your bank account and once you correctly confirm these two values with our system, your account is activated!

We currently only work with Canadian bank accounts. We'll let you know when we add other countries!

Setup Fees?

No setup fees at all. In fact, if you got a large chunk of units to set up, we'll even help you set them up. Contact Us if you're a commercial property manager or building manager.

If you'd like to stop using dwello for any reason, there's never a cancellation fee, and no contracts at all to keep you using our service. Once you're in, though, we don't think you'll leave.

So try us out, risk free!