Slide Canadians, unlock financial rewards by using Dwello for your rent payments. Improve your credit score, and get access to special financial offers- all for free. Sign up now to get notified when we are ready for you! Build your credit score with rent payments Tell me more

When you want to stay on top of your income and expenses. It’s essential to plan and tightly manage your financial performance

On-time rent payments

Dwello is integrated with Interac. Your payments are always on-time.

Improve your credit score

Boost your financial health by paying through Dwello. Free monthly credit score check.

Rent splitting         

Do you have share your rent? Dwello splits rent between you and your roommate(s), if needed.

Improve your financial health

Improve your credit score just by paying rent through Dwello – for free.

Direct reporting to credit bureau

Credit repair


Unlock savings and benefits

Dwello works with its financial partners to unlock the best savings and financial benefits for you as reward for your ongoing, regular rent payments.

Credit card offers

Auto Insurance

Local store promotions

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Most frequent questions and answers

There’s no catch. Dwello is free. We make money from carefully selected partner offers that improve your financial health. We do not sell your data.

No. We do a soft credit check. Your credit score is not affected by looking it up through Dwello.

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