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Stop the spread of COVID-19 by not using cash or cheques for rent!


What makes Dwello Different?

Fast Setup. No contracts.

You and your tenant can set up a payment contract for your first unit in less than 10 minutes*. No setup fees.

Automatically Recurring

Set it and forget it. Once you set up a payment contract, you don't need to log in to request it or deposit it. Rent shows up automatically in your bank account every month.

Pay your property owners

Split your rent immediately. You can set up a bank account for your property owners and directly split your deposit to their account for even more time savings.

Email Notifications

You and your tenant are notified of rental debits and credits before they happen as well as NSF or other reversals.

Credit Rating Boost

Reward your paying tenants with credit score benefits. Every on-time rental payment improves your tenants credit score.

* - when using our online bank auto-verification

Why use Dwello?

Our Dashboard
  • Innovative, easy-to-use dashboard to view and manage all your properties & units
  • Link and use any number of Canadian bank accounts -- deposit your funds anywhere you want!
  • Security deposits? Utility payments? One-time Payments allow you to move money between you and your tenants
  • Tenant staying on for longer? Set up both fixed term & month-to-month payments
  • Save customer service calls by allowing tenants to defer rent a few days rather than dealing with reversals and manual delays
  • No more void cheques! Tenants enter and manage their own bank accounts from their portal
  • Detailed online reporting to let you track deposits, withdrawals, and contract approval status


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